Lawyer for Corporate Law in Aachen - Foundation, Investors and M & A

We have been advising our clients for many years in all areas of company law, from the founding of the company, to the entry of investors (through) to the exit, for example due tothe sale of companies by way of asset deal or sharedeals and / or the merger with another company by way of a Merger.

Together with you, we determine the company's form, which enables the most efficient and secure realization of your company's goals. We accompany your company in the preparation of the necessary documentation and the relevant contract texts. This does not only include the drafting of a company contract which adequately addresses the different interests of the shareholders. 

On the contrary, consultancy may include, for example, the appointment of managers, the holding of company meetings and the conclusion of special agreements between the shareholders and the company as well as the shareholders among themselves.


Corporate contracts create the basis for an orderly and constructive cooperation. Companies are generally designed for a long time and for a steady positive growth. For this reason, it is necessary to make regulations for company foundations, for example for:

    • Purpose and objectives of the company/enterprise

    • Contributions and payment obligations of the shareholders

    • Die Bestellung des/r Geschäftsführers

    • The appointment of the manager

    • Profit sharing

    • Guidelines for management and co-determination of the shareholders


The company purchase is also part of our corporate legal advice. We advise you in particular on:

  • Preparation of transaction:

    • Preparation and negotiation of Letters of Intent and confidentiality agreements

    • Analysis and initial assessment of legal structures and risks at the target company

    • Preparation of a requirement profile for legal due diligence

    • Implementation of the legal due diligence

    • Possibly Integration and monitoring of cooperation partners for the execution of due diligence in specific legal special areas

  • Implementation of the transaction:

    • Preparation and negotiation of the company purchase agreement (as share deal or asset deal)

    • Creation of a step plan for the execution of the transaction

    • Prepare the necessary documentation

    • Monitoring the implementation


We advise you on the planning, preparation, structuring and implementation of company restructuring measures, in particular:

  • Transformations

  • Spin-offs

  • Business combinations

  • Capital increases

  • intragroup restructuring

We advise you on how to achieve the desired results best and fastest. This includes conscious planning, which ensures that property, rights, and other assets are managed and arranged in such a way that they can fulfill their purpose optimally.

Venture Capital

Venture capital contracts represent a special form of company contracts. They often bring two very different partners together: a qualified team of founders on the one hand and experienced investors on the other. They join forces to realize an innovative idea or an innovative project.

Venture capital contracts are used to bring these different partners together in a productive way, thereby promoting the realization of the project. 

Together with you, we determine the company's form, which enables you to achieve the most efficient and safest goals of your company.