Your lawyer for media law in Aachen

In media law, our focus is on the new media, copyright and industrial property rights. We ensure the protection of the intellectual property of your company, for example through advice on trademark registrations, social media, licensing agreements and further possibilities for the protection of know-how.
In addition, we will assist you in matters relating to advertising or in relation to the protection against unfair commercial conduct by competitors. 

Online platforms, eCommerce & Consumer Protection

We advise you on the legal design and testing of online offerings mobile apps, especially with regard to provider identification obligations, image rights, data protection, information requirements and consumer protection. What is particularly challenging in this context is the legal design of triangular conditions, e.g. Platform solutions. 


  • Consulting and testing of web shops
  • Consultancy and law enforcement in the field of social media
  • Advice on (Web) Games
  • Creation of terms and conditions of use for websites
  • Internet law
  • Telemedia law

Intellectual Property

  • Consultation on employee inventions
  • Trademark law: Registration, prosecution, licensing
  • Patent law: Registration, prosecution, licensing
  • Pattern / utility model right
  • Confidentiality agreements (know-how protection)


  • Beratung von Künstlern (Film, Fotografie und Musik)
  • Lizenzierung und Vergütung von Nutzungsrechten
  • Rechtsverfolgung und Verteidigung in urheberrechtlichen Streitigkeiten

Competition law

  • Consultancy on advertising in the print and digital sector
  • Law enforcement and defense in competition disputes

Our focus is on new media and intellectual property rights